TeamDM Arena Shooter Test

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TeamDM Arena Shooter Test

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TeamDM Arena Shooter Test


Just a faster moving version of “Destroy All Wasabis” if anyone even caught that one.This is a simple arena shooter I made, using pre-drawn soldier and gun sprites and pre-made sounds, just to test what my limits are. At the very least, the free edition is my only limit! 😀 The map itself is just a mock-up, made by my brother, just to give the AI some obstacles to move around and to test the path-finding behaviour. There was one issue with that though; this means the opposing team can walk into your base and you can walk into theirs. I don’t know if it was a bug, or due to the behaviour not being “fully complete” per se, but I reported here and hope I’m not the only one getting this problem: ps: You have infinite ammo and so do they. And why are Groups considered an event? Wait three seconds to spawn.Movement: [W][A][S][D]Aim: MouseShoot: [Left-Click]Sprint (2x Speed): [Shift]Every unit has 100 shield/armour/health. Wait 3 seconds after being shot and your shields will regenerate!

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TeamDM Arena Shooter Test

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