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Puzzle Craft

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Puzzle Craft


This game is a puzzle game developed by Real-life Puzzle is a game that exactly to do. Take a good look at the picture on the screen. After the official handing out do the puzzle again. Whether you use pictures that offer the game. If you want to use your own uploaded images. if you want, you can use the wallpapers (legal) of the game MineCraft, crisis, candy crush, the sims, frozen, barbie, basketball, football etc…

hat is the aim of the game ?
The aim of the game is to complete the picture on the screen (puzzle). The game is a classic puzzle game.

How many pieces we can divide the picture in the game?
Official 12, 20, 38, 48, 54, 63, 70, 80, 108 pieces can be split up.

Is there The Help menu in the game?
The game has a Help menu

Game points are determined according to what?
Points are determined by the Second. So until then, kar�o� are you the race.

Can we upload our pictures into the game?
On the top right side of the “CREATE PUZZLE” button by PRESSING the PICTURE AVAILABLE for DOWNLOAD.

The game is suitable for how many years?
The game is suitable for children of any age. Especially the children’s visual memory of supporting Internetworking. How is the game played?
Game happy game and lovely music is played. your image after you have how many parts you choose to do the puzzle. You can play as part of the default 12. “SHUFFLE” button pressing circulated The cursor to the right by pressing the key you can rotate the pieces of the puzzle. All of the image by pressing the button Prewiev can see. If you like again “prewiew” button by PRESSING the PICTURE BEHIND. By pressing the button “All” parts of all the pets,if you push the Middle button, you can see second picture. Border by pressing the button you can see half of the pictures. You can pass a new picture by refreshing the page.

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Puzzle Craft

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