Eat or Be Eaten

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Eat or Be Eaten

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Eat or Be Eaten


Story for the game

You are a small piranha lost in the big ocean. You are known as the Hero. There is a long journey for the Hero, and it must finish all the levels to find its family… but that will not be so easy.
In its road, the Hero will need to eat in order to grow up, but at the same time it has to pay attention to not be eaten by bigger or stronger aquatic animals.
Features for the game

The game lets you customize many things from the XML file such as:
Language: You can write all the written words into an specific language only by modifying an xml file.
Change the name of the buttons
Change the instructions for the game (HTML formatted)
Change simple text which appears in the game
Levels: You can create as many levels as you want. The only limit is the quantity of flags that the map may display into the screen.
Decide how many fishes will be in the level
Decide which type of enemies depending on the growth of the hero
the total amount of food for growing
Decide how aggressive or coward are the fishes in the level
Setup audio loops for each level
Setup the x and y position for the flags which are in the map.

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Eat or Be Eaten

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